Hucul Printing is a commercial print shop where we print ink on paper and canvas.
We have been in operation for 25 years and are known to be active community members in the Salmon Arm, Sicamous  and surrounding Shuswap area. 
We serve a diverse set of clients from private individuals to small business owners and corporations alike.
We print everything from small labels for your bakery, to large posters for your concerts.
We print specialty products, as well.
Those embossed business cards you’ve seen – we do those.
The pamphlets you’ve seen downtown? – a large percentage of those were printed by us.
Programs for special events and festivals – we’ve printed many of those too.
The 3-part NCR carbonless paper invoices that couriers use when they ask for your signature, then they tear off the yellow copy for you to keep – we print those too.
We print business cards for budding entrepreneurs, yearbooks (annuals) for schools, novels & historical books for local writers.
Whatever project you are working on, whatever business you are operating, whatever event you are planning, Hucul Printing Ltd. can help turn your ideas into reality.



The Hucul Team


Bernie Hucul

WhBernieat is your role at Hucul Printing?

As partner/owner of the company, I have to do it all! If the floors need sweeping or the computers need computing – I jump right in. Managing the business is a big percentage of my work, along with customer/employee relations, job quoting, pricing, ordering, organizing and production work.

What are your favourite things about Hucul?

I like the smell of presses running in the morning. Creating well designed, professional looking printed products gives me great satisfaction. Good employees (most of them are my relatives) make our days run smoothly and productively. We have a great coffee maker to help keep us going. I like the feeling of sticking my finger into a can of printers’  ink. Finally, we have a lot of really great customers who make the job of fulfilling their printing needs a real pleasure.



Gary Hucul

gary1What is your role at Hucul?

When you come into the press room, you will see me working away on the presses and bindery machines; I’m either printing, cutting, folding, scoring, perforating, binding , stapling or gluing paper. 

I’ve been doing this for more than 40 years. I love to keep the presses running. If you ever make your way into the press department, l enjoy showing people see how the old pieces of iron work.

 What are your favourite things about Hucul?

I like the challenge, the freedom, and the opportunity to help our clients achieve their lofty printing goals. I enjoy the satisfaction of completing every job, large or small, and knowing that I have touched just about every job that has come through the shop, (in some cases every printed sheet!) But, most of all, I love being able to give our traditional shout of joy, when the tough jobs are done!



Shelley Hucul

ShelleyWhat is your role at Hucul?

I have worked at Hucul Printing since 1995.

I am and have always been the bookkeeper. I invoice, bank, pay bills, file, write letters, answer phones, and attempt to organize (with the help of my minions). I also help with administrative issues.

I edit and proofread copy-text which satisfies my OCD tendencies, which is also an important part of Hucul Printing production.
Hucul Printing is a family business which means I have to contribute in a variety of ways, including washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms.

What are your favourite things about Hucul?

Editing and proofreading is my favourite task at Hucul Printing. I also enjoy helping customers with their personal projects including working on family history books, birth and marriage announcements, and memorial tributes.



Angela Pack Hucul

IMG_2150What is your role at Hucul?

Digital Print Technician, Receptionist

What are your favourite things about Hucul?
We work as a team. Everyone plays an important role ensuring that a good quality product is given to our customers. I enjoy the creative challenges that this job throws at me, figuring out ways to produce something that someone else will enjoy. A lot of satisfaction comes with completing a stack of jobs, knowing that we contributed to helping local businesses run smoothly.

My most favourite thing about Hucul Printing is that it’s a place where our customers also become friends and join us at coffee break. Here, it’s your everyday neighbourhood print shop!



Shelley Webber

IMG_2163What is your role at Hucul?

Having spent over 25 years in the printing business, it’s fun to be back in familiar territory. My role at Hucul Printing varies from artist/designer, to troubleshooter, to juggler and sometimes even magician!  Being creative is always satisfying and each day presents a new challenge.

What are your favourite things about Hucul?
The best thing about working at Hucul’s is the environment. Everyone is very friendly and respectful…to the customers and each other.  Judging by the customer loyalty, it’s evident they appreciate that as much as I do.  Every day, I see them go above and beyond for the customers and it feels good to be part of that.


Be sure to contact us for a consultation on your next big project:

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