09 Jul

How to Find a Colour Scheme for Your Business

A common source of consideration and thought is how you can make your business look good and be memorable, when it comes to starting a new business, or if you are updating your look.

Find a consistent Colour Theme

One of the best ways to do this is to find a brand that follows a consistent colour theme, will project well and will also be appealing to your customers.

If your company is a conservative business such as Law or Accounting firm, you wouldn’t want to use lime green, or any of the neon colours, as your business colours. Those bright colours would be better suited to a Child’s Day Care, or a Toy Store!

Hucul Printing's colours created on Kuler

Hucul Printing’s colours created on Kuler

So how do you come up with your business’s colour scheme? There is a fantastic website that Adobe has created called “Kuler” where people can develop professional colour schemes and post them publicly to share. Each colour scheme comes complete with downloadable colour pallets for your designer to use with popular design software programs.

Each colour scheme comes with a universally recognizable colour code which can be typed into most software programs. This means you don’t have to go clicking around to find the  colour that is just close enough.

Further more, you can tweak the colour schemes you find and save them to your favourites for future referral. Its a great service!

Here are some examples of colour schemes I pulled from the site so you can see what I am talking about.

The first example,  I randomly found, is called Historic Neighbourhood. It has a muted and sophisticated pallet which would be appropriate for a business with an historical and welcoming or friendly feel. Depending on the image you wish to portray, these colours might be excellent for a photography shop, or a museum, or gallery.


“Historic Neighborhood”

The next example is called Toy Store.  As you can see, it is bright, colourful and playful. This would definitely be suited for… a Toy Store!

“Toy Store”

This next example is called Lawyer; it has the professional blue as the base colour with highlights of steadying, complimentary browns.



This sample, I found by searching the key words *Health food*.  This was the top result. The example contains an earthy and green feeling and is called Health Food Store. I’d feel comfortable if these colours were in my Health Food Store!

"Health Food Store"

“Health Food Store”


By choosing a professionally developed colour pallet from sites like Kuler, your business brand will look professional.

With a tool like this, you can forge ahead by generating ideas and get a good feel for how  you would like your business to look.

And…when you realize that there is more to branding your business than surfing the internet (which is true), you can come to us and we can help develop an overall look for your business.

25 Jun

“Make My Logo Bigger!” Syndrome

A common misconception about logos is that they need to be bigger to be noticed.

In fact, making your logo bigger can sometimes  distract an audience from the company’s message. Less is more, and white space is your ally!

To all our lovely customers, we want to take the opportunity to poke fun – Enjoy this following video!

28 May

Why Simple Business Cards Are Best


: the quality of being easy to understand, or use

: the state or quality of being plain, or not fancy or complicated

: something that is simple, or ordinary but enjoyable

Throughout my whole life, I have increasingly learned to appreciate simplicity and minimalism; spending time in nature, versus the city, brought out this appreciation for anything less than busy, cluttered, confusing, or unnecessary.

As an avid researcher and university paper writer, I have had to channel this appreciation for simplicity, in order to cope with the sheer amount of information available to me.

Yup, it is very difficult to condense a stack of research literature into one 20 page paper, and yup, it is especially difficult to ensure that my audience really gets what I am trying to say.

I guess I can say, I am working in the right place;  my current place of employment definitely appreciates simplicity.

Not only can simplicity benefit you in your everyday personal life, but it can help you with your business successes, as well.

Business Card by Murat Ertürk

Business Card by Murat Ertürk

Hucul Printing encourages other businesses to promote strongly, by projecting a clean and uncomplicated image to their customers.

Just like in everyday life, a good, strong & simple design layout on a business card can mean the difference between the ordinary and the remarkable.

I really want to take this opportunity to remind businesses who are looking to rebrand, or revamp their look, to remember that simplicity is in.

The new is minimalism and the movement is going strong and for good reason.

A few important pointers about drafting up the details you would like included on your new business card:

  1. Necessary Information: Sort out the information that is necessary to be on the card. For example, your name, business logo, phone number, address, website and email address. Space permitting, a basic, concise description of your business can be included. If it is necessary to include extra information, there is the option of printing on the reverse side of the card. (But remember… Less is more!)
  2. White Space: Do not be afraid of white space. It can make your logo stand out, make your card easier to read. It can add to the balance and contrast on your card.
  3. Design Continuity: If you are thinking of purchasing other printing products in your package  i.e. (rack cards, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, etc.), keep in mind that the style you want on your business card ie. (logo, colours, fonts) should be consistent with everything else you want designed and printed; all of the elements having common elements to tie everything together to help make it eye-catching.
  4. Customize: Something as simple as making the layout portrait-style, or getting the corners rounded on the business card, can make your card stand out above the rest.

“Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.” ~Isaac Newton

05 Feb

Why Real Life Promotion Works for Small Businesses

These days, business promotion often leans more towards the digital realm and further away from physical print & tactile media. Is using only digital media the best idea for you?

coffee shop 1

Photo by Dave Bleasdale

Small Businesses operate differently than Amazon

In a smaller city centre, such as Salmon Arm, it is definitely important that our small businesses have a strong online presence for the curious visitor. However, relying on the vast internet with all of its search engine optimization, computer coding and “social media”, is taking a gamble.

This is especially true if you have a real storefront in the physical world. The internet is great for Amazon, but what about the Mom & Pop, or Corner Store?

Don’t count on Facebook to bring you business

Unless you have the money to spend on an online store with a distribution channel ready to deliver your wares around the world, advertising locally with “real”  promotional materials is still the bread and butter of the local small business.

Printing materials work

Consider the humble pamphlet.

When strolling through a town that I just rolled into, the first thing I will do is  get out of my car and head for a coffee shop, a tourist shop, or a gas station.

While waiting in line, I look around and often will grab colourful, appealing looking pamphlets and flip through them; I might even collect several pamphlets, (even maps & tourist booklets) to see what the town or the area has to offer.  Typically, these pamplets are showcasing the local attractions, which includes small businesses. Picking up these pamphlets is a habit, or a reflex.  I usually walk away with those pamphlets in hand and leave them on my car seat  to look at again later when I get back home.

In this case, I’m not searching the internet to learn about the local attractions; I’m relying on printed media.

Whether one pamphlet or several, they stare me in the face and are constant reminders every time I open the car door!

Real Life First, Online Second

We at Hucul Printing certainly advocate for having a strong online presence on the web.  In addition, we educate our customers about how printed products are still quite relevant …and essential  to promote  small businesses in small cities, or towns, like Salmon Arm.

With the reduced costs of design and printing in today’s world, it really is common sense to include printed materials, as part of your branding and marketing mix.

If you are interested in exploring some great promotional options for your small business, come visit Hucul Printing. Talk to Bernie; he has been in the Printing Business for many years and has accumulated decades of experience which can help you figure out what you need.