05 Nov

The Proof is in the Proof – The Proofing Process

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So What is a Proof?

Proof is a funny little word, sometimes requiring a bit of explanation to new customers who come into the print shop.

Dictionary Definition:

2. a trial print of something, in particular.
  1. 3. A trial impression of a page, taken from type or film and used for making corrections before final printing.

The Proofing Process

photo (1)After the time of design & setup, and before the stage of printing on the press or printer, we create a sample, or a first draft, of the customer’s job. This is called a proof. This printed copy provides an example of what will be printed.  The customer will proofread the copy, checking for the correct text, fonts, errors and omissions, colours, graphic artwork, the margins, and overall setup and positioning on the page. 

After checking the details carefully, and the customer is convinced there aren’t any errors, they must then sign the proof, or sign off in person, or by fax or email, giving us their permission to print their job. This gives us the order, or the OK to print with their approval. Once the proof is signed, we proceed to the Presses.

If we have created the file, we always provide a proof. If the customer hands us a file that was previously created by them, or another designer, a proof isn’t required, except in the case where we might make corrections, or changes to their original file. However, a proof is printed in-house for us to double-check the copy, and to ensure we have the proper file.

The proofing system protects both the customer and Hucul Printing because both sides are  required to pay careful attention to the details right up to press time, hence the proof is in the proof.


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